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A semi-documentary about the life of Verus, a captive from the Rome's Balkan province of Moesia, who is pressed into the harsh life of a slave in Italian rock quarry. He sees no long term future there, so when the owner of a gladiatorial school comes there to recruit prospective fighters for his school, he purposely picks a fight with another slave to attract attention. Both he and Priscus, the Celtic slave, join the school, become friends, and build careers as renowned gladiators, adored by the crowds in the arena and desired by women of the aristocratic class. The Emporer Titus completes his father Vespasian's pet project, the Colosseum, and wants the inaugural games worthy of his memory, so he specifically selects Verus to fight in them.
Verus, a slave captured in the Balkans, sees a gladiatorial career in the arena as a preferable alternative to life in a rock quarry.
There is too little documentary value in this docu-drama, and frankly speaking I do not exactly know what the BBC invested so much in it. it may have been for rating reasons at the time of the release of the 'Gladiator' big studios movie, I am just speculating. The film focuses on the history of a gladiator by the time the Colosseum was built we learn a few new facts about the daily life and training methods of the gladiators and the organization of the fights, but the documentary value is too diluted and the fiction part not really too interesting. I found confusing the mix of first person story telling and historical comment in the off-screen commentary. Overall a below-average docu-drama.
One of the best documentaries I&#39;ve seen is &quot;Pompeii: The Last Days&quot;. Based on historical records and artifacts, the film recreates the final days of the doomed city of Pompeii. What makes it exciting is that they filmmakers recreated the city and a small group of doomed residents. Through their lives, you learn what it was like to have lived during this harrowing event.<br/><br/>Here in &quot;Colosseum: A Gladiator&#39;s Story&quot; the filmmakers have once again used the same type of film making–though they also provided quite a bit of narration along with people acting out the story of a real life gladiator. Using some CGI and nice costumes, the folks from the BBC recreate this life in amazing detail. My only gripe is with the title of this show, as the Colosseum wasn&#39;t a big focus at all of the film–it was more the story of a gladiator, not the building. So, if you are looking for an in-depth discussion of the building–with its amazing basement, trap doors, etc., then this is not a film for you. Still, it&#39;s very well done and quite compelling.

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